• The portfolio management product offers Portfolio Management Services to High Networth Individuals (HNI's)/ Corporates who are resident Indians and NRI/PIO's for investment into the listed equity market as per the rules and regulations laid down by SEBI and RBI.
  • The primary investment objective of the portfolio management product is to generate capital appreciation over the medium to long term by investing in equity/ equity related instruments of companies listed in the Indian equity markets. This ensures stability of the funds for investing into the markets and also gives the portfolio manager the ability to stay invested over the medium to long term to ensure adequate generation of returns to investors.
  • The Aequitas India Opportunities Portfolio follows a bottom up approach for picking stocks and constructs a portfolio representing the highest conviction ideas of the organization.
  • The portfolio essentially invests in high quality companies with good corporate governance track records
  • The endeavour of the portfolio manager is to identify and pick stocks in companies which have return ratios higher than the market and at valuations lower than market valuations.
  • The portfolio manager invests in high quality mid-cap and large-cap stocks and considers all appropriate risks while constructing the portfolio.
  • The portfolios are fairly concentrated with 15-20 stocks which provides adequate diversification and at the same time ensures meaningful holdings to maximize returns from individual holdings.